Friday, January 23, 2015

Go Sleek with Asus

We live in a fast moving world where technology can be our best friend.Welcome to my life. a blogger, content creator and Mom to a hyper active and hyper social four year old.How do you solve a problem like “Sanskrit”(My daughter)? How do you catch a cloud and pin it down?
Believe me, she is that busy. With her social life multiplying exponentially and her zest for learning new things , I feel that I am constantly on the go.

Picture this
Monday to Friday 9 to 12 am School
Monday and Tuesday 6- 7.30 pm Karate
Wed 6-7 pm Yoga
Thursday Playdate with friends
Friday 6-7 pm Yoga
Saturday 10.30 am to 12 pm Karate
4.30 pm to 5.30 Skating
Sunday 4.30 pm to 5.30 Skating

I am sure that she’s having a blast ,but I sometimes feel that my life is a whirling dervish.With deadlines and exciting indiblogger contests, I feel pressed for time and my passion to create creative content.I was thrilled when I saw the indiblogger contest details in my inbox.Trust me , its just the boost I need.Going through the specs and portability of both the ASUS EeeBook X205TA ( and the  ASUS All In One PC ET2040 (, I surmised that the ultra portable notebook is the answer to all my prayers.

Both these products are available from ASUS ,which has been voted as the “Most recommended windows desktop brand” by PCMag Readers choice 2014.The ASUS EeeBook X205TA  has aptly been termed as Simple, versatile and powerful.I do need all these factors when I am running after my kid.I feel that the following specs are fairly impressive and I would just love to order it

                                                Image courtesy

  1. 32 GB Hard Drive- For the tons of pictures and research material that I accumulate.
  2. It Weighs less than 1 kg - Hence its compact and easy to carry  and easy for on the go content creation and just browsing.
  3. Rs 14,999 -For the amazing quality and features , the price is smoking hot.
  4. The detailing and streamlines design make it a chic accessory.
  5. 12 hours of battery life - Even if I forget to charge the notebook, I will be able to carry on my work smoothly and without interruptions.
  6. Low Noise- The low noise allows for concentration and won't wake up kids who are sensitive to loud noises.
  7. Touchscreen - Makes it easy to navigate , download pictures and browse.
  8. Vibrant Display -The crisp visuals and the 11.6 inch display ensures reduced eye strain.
  9. Provision for multitasking - This will provide optimum performance even if I open a gazillion programs and pages.It is power packed with a 1.33 GHz Intel Atom quad-core processor with Intel Burst Technology up to 1.83 GHz .The 2 GB DDR3 system memory helps in enhanced performance.

All these features fortify my belief that the Notebook is the best bet for me.You can check out all the details at this page.

Cupid Games

   Ahh !!! The flutter and excitement of your current crush .Its the stuff fairy tales are made of. I remember my first crush (Cue ....Baby by Justin Bieber) and the nervousness and the excitement of meeting him and exchanging those coy glances with him. Wow....Its making me crave for a death by chocolate pastry (It was our favorite) and many a spoonfuls were fed to each other.

Well, Valentines Day approaches and it heralds the dawn of the season of love.The world is awash with the colors of reds and pink. These days there is such a fantastic countdown to valentines day. The chocolate day , teddy bear day provides ample opportunity to confess our love to someone who makes our hearts go “Dhak Dhak” literally.Love is a wonderful feeling and you never know when it creeps up. This contest by indiblogger got my creative and Mills and Boons romantic juices flowing and I got to thinking about the best way to propose to my crush for my happily ever after.

Young love is a thing to treasure and the attachments formed during college aka college sweethearts are always in vogue. To attract the attention of my paramour , I would go the old fashioned way. I am a baker, I crave to create, whip up, ice and decorate and this has been my life long passion. Its always scary to make the first move but hey, its 2015 and women can choose to be as emancipated as they want.I know that I will surely impress my sweetie by baking him a cake and pouring in all my love. They do say , that love makes everything taste better.

So here is the Plan of actions. Then a day prior to the rendezvous, I would bake up a storm. A rich chocolate, chocolate , chocolate cake would just hit the spot. A rich fudge cake with multi-hued chocolate chips will be baked-up with love. I will then pour on a smooth chocolate river of chocolate ganache into the layers. As it cools down, I will whip up the lightest ,airiest and captivating whipped cream icing and decorate the cake. While I am doing this , I am going to think of my crush and how surprised he will be.

(Photo courtesy

On the R - day (Rendezvous Day), I am going to glam up a bit . Casual , flirty and fresh rather than vampy is what I am aiming for. Just for that extra boost of confidence , I am going to use Colgate Gel Toothpaste (Flirty red for full effect ) and hope that he agrees to be mine. The jingle of “Paas Aao, paas ao, Meri Saanson main Samaon , Paas aaon na “ has been running through my mind these past day. Well fingers crossed , I will present this cake to him and hopefully we will have a happy ending as well.

This blog is a post for indibloggers contest on Cupidgames and you can know much more at you a happy Valentines Day as well.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Healthy child and a Happy Home

The patter of energetic feet, twirling, swerving , hula - hooping and dancing are signs of a healthy and happy child.Yet , these days children are burdened with studies and extra -curricular activities.To top it all off, sick days are becoming more and more frequent due to the changing climate and pollution.With the little one sick, there are no more tickling fests , long driven stories and incessant demands of Mamma catch me .The house feels empty , sad and silent.Its not the same with an under the weather mini-me.

Healthy children are the lifeblood of the family.After a long days work , the innocent stories and games are surely a stress buster.My daughter who is just four is a budding baker and knows her fondant from her butter cream and its just so much fun and luaghter to bake with her.A sticky kiss and a heart-felt I LOVE YOU mommy is the reward enough. She just started nursery and is often exposed to a whole host of illnesses at school. Moreover, she has a host of interests including dancing , karate and even roller skating.She needs to be charged up to tackle all her hobbies.Good food, sleep and great immunity will set the stage for her to become the rock star that she is destined to be.  

Here is my Daughter All charged up for Roller Skating

Here she is Doing Zumba at her sports Day

Our parents usually tell us that they were sick less often and has stronger immunity to various ailments.Yes , the key to keep little ones charged up and active is "immunity".Immunity ensures that kids are less vulnerable to debilitating diseases and unfortunately there are no vaccines for it,But hey, who doesn't remember the ooey gooey pot of black gold ,that our parents used to give us ?

Yes, the ubiquitous Dabur Chyawanprash is an old age Ayurveda tradition that works even today.Its chock full of herbs such as Amla (The All-rounder) and other immunity boosting super heroes such as Giloy and Ghee. This elixir provides you with disease fighting powers and ensures that life and fun don't have to stop for illnesses.For the skeptics like me, Recent scientific studies have proved its disease fighting properties.Also, who doesn't love that yummy Chyawanprash taste.

So What are you waiting for ? Embrace Dabur Chyawanprash as your go to immunity doctor and include it in your daily routine.I have done the same and certainly feel that my daughter falls ill lesser and her constant chatter and high spirits infuses us with vigor and makes my home a healthy and happy one.
Image courtesy Dabur
If you want a healthy and active kid , you may want to check out more facts about Dabur Chyawanprash at This post is a submission for the indiblogger contest.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Great Indian Litterbug- Thoo Thoo Thoo

If there is one thing that unites us all , it is a great awareness that littering is our birthright.The typical Indian litterbug has nary a concern about littering the road with orange peels,candy wrappers and peanut shells.This is a complete "Business as Usual " for the Techie on the go or the health fanatic on the juicing diet.Littering, spitting, trashing, dumping and literally making a mess is nothing new. Who think’s of the environment, the children, garbage borne diseases like Dengue ? No one, right? No wonder, we have thousands of documentaries from the west depicting the sordid living conditions.

It all boils down to the same thought that though there is disparity in riches , we all breathe the same air, have the same water source and eat the same food which is grown on garbage strewn land. World reports indicate that this littering habit leads to respiratory and skin diseases.If we are all Indians, why do we treat India as such ?
Trust me , when I moved to Bangalore (as a case in point), I dreamed of a tech village with educated citizens abiding by their civic duty.I was appalled by the lack of ownership among these plutocrats.Wobbling on the two-wheeler and gliding on the pothole riddled streets , I was met with the salubrious odors of garbage, littering and waste.Its not uncommon to see dumping grounds on any open land.

So its time to move away from the public thoo thoo to no no littering. Here is something to keep in mind to avoid the tempation to dirty doings...

To litter or not , that is the question
Walking down a stinky stretch of road hampers my digestion
Little children , meant to play and prance
Dengue keeps them bedridden and a sickly trance
Clean , fresh air and greenery is everyone’s right
Lets build a world where littering is obliterated and it will be a beautiful sight
Its time to pledge to keep your surroundings clean and end the chaos
Invest in a little cloth bag to collect your litter and dispose
Then we will no longer be called litterbugs
And our future generations shall forever be thankful and shower us with hugs....

The solution to all this lies in “We the people” taking ownership of our areas and abiding by Mr.Modi’s vision of a “Swachh Bharat”.Remember, we will leave these habits and this country to our kids and their future generations.Kids need to be educated about not littering candy wrappers and fruit peels on the road.And, this realization must come from within.

litter 1.jpg
Kids Hosting a litter march in Bangalore.Image courtesy

This article is for indiblogger and you can find all about the Great Indian Litterbug at

Friday, August 8, 2014

All you need is a little love

All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt.” - Charles M. Schulz

Snoopys creator sure knew what he was talking about. Love , chocolate and food make the world go around. I was always told that a way to a mans heart was through his stomach , but the way to a toddlers heart is also food.

My two loved ones adore a good meal . I entered the borosil hamper #beautifulfood contest on a whim , considering the sorry state of my crockery cupboards. The husband and the toddler were craving a lovely home cooked meal served in royal style.
Sadly , I had no crockery to speak of , considering an international move from the land of have alls (the USA ) to the land of , well I had nothing much to speak about.

So , cutting a long story short , I entered the contest and won a borosil hamper. Fast forward a few days , there stands a handsome ( I wish) with the best gift ever. A big read huge borosil hamper just brimming with all the essentials for a teeny tiny kitchen. Thanks god and the judge for the competition.

Zoom to round 2 of the contest and I persuaded my Camera savvy (sorta ) husband into taking photos of the meal . Long carbohydrate rich twirls of soft creamy pasta , tossed in garlic infused oils and sauteed with a rainbow of red , green and yellow peppers beckoned. Flecks of mixed herbs showered the pasta. (The Hubby was beyond convinced , I had to literally hold him off )

The starter was a yummy luscious tomato soup garnished with swirls of cream and showered with the crisp bell peppers. The soup looked restaurant style served in my spanking new borosil bowl .

Well , I did mention love and chocolate . The husbands loves himself any sweet thing and yes he went goo goo gaa gaa over a kesar essence infused dream.  ( An essence bargain scored at more ) . The voluptuous serving of baby pink mounds of whipped cream ensconced a pillow soft cloud called rasgulla. It just needed a hint of tutti frutti to complement it.

Whats a meal without  a little excitement ? Soft , light as a dream chocolate cupcake decorated by a 3.5 year old while your heart is palpitating at the sheer mess. Love overrules all sense and sensibility and I helped her pipe out a white cloud of fresh cream topped with pink and white sprinkles and colored sugar. She loved the experience and the bliss showed on her face.

Too much action needed a little unwinding and I relaxed with a glass of chilled aamsutra....

The meal was followed by a perfect comment , momma you make the best food......WOW, Mommy Bliss..

I want to thank Borosil for giving me an opportunity to pull out all the stops and prepare a fingerlicking meal and presenting it beautifully. Usually i just slosh it and plop it on whatever hapless crockery I have.

This is my entry for the 2nd round contest of Fingers crossed for the next big hamper coming my way....

Monday, July 7, 2014

Just Because

The pitter patter of little feet outside the doorbell , the jangling of the doorbell and the Mom open ups heralded the arrival of Sanskriti. The whirling dervish of excitement caught me in a bear hug and inquired , “Mom , when is my birthday ? Can it hurry up? “.This was followed up with demands of marshmallow fondant and ganache .Not too bad , considering that the budding baker is only 4 years old .

I decided to give in to her demands and uttered those 3 words which she loves to hear every time, “Yes , lets bake “. Her infectious laughter upped the ante and we decided to surprise her dad with a chocolate and chocolate cake. Luscious , light as air chiffon sponge with a decadent , creamy and heart melting chocolate ganache.

As we measured and scooped ingredients , we were on the lookout for the perfect vessel for all the gooey goodness.I suddenly remembered the borosil square glass dish gifted by my mom which had been the recipient of many a finger licking sweet dish.

With little fingers helping me and nibbling on the chocolate , we smashed and broke the chocolate into pieces. Mysteriously only 50 gms survived out of the 100 gms , with a tiny mouth smeared with chocolate. Sifting and blending , we prepared a thick and chocolatey mass of goodness. We poured the voluptuous batter into the dish and set it to bake. Little fingers helped with the cleaning up of the mixing bowl .

With the cake baked and cooled , we set off with the death by chocolate ganache frosting.The thick bittersweet ganache makes you gulp down the frosting all at once. The ganache with its glistening cream and chopped chocolate came together in a thick viscous chocolate mass that was lightened up with vigorous whisking.

The icing completed , we waited with baited breath for the bell to ring and to shout surprise for the unsuspecting Dad.Confronted with sheer dark and intense indulgence , he asked me the occasion . I replied “just , because”. Sometimes nothing gives more pleasure than a rich and creamy dessert served in a bowl that reminds you of good things .

This is a post for the borosil contest on indiblogger . Here is the link

Monday, January 27, 2014

3 Exercises for periods

Whenever its that time of the month or even before it we start feeling fatigued and listless.In fact we do go to work / studies and also manage the house expertly even during these times but as always exercise is neglected .
In fact many myths are there to not exercise related to anemia etc but after discussion with your doctor you can maintain fitness during these days and exercise is  the best panacea for the dreaded bloat which adds 5-10 pounds .Being active increases endorphin's and oxygen supply to the blood making you feel tons better .

Here are a few words of caution before embarking on a fitness regimen during periods

  • Make sure to stretch to avoid any muscle pulls
  • In case you attempt yoga inverted poses should be avoided.
  • Ensure the right protection and  proper clothing and shoes.
  • Don't go overboard and don't undertake strenuous /vigorous exercises. It can interfere with your periods ex avoid boot-camps , Excessive weights 
  • Moderation should be the key and always listen to your body ..

Here are a few easy ways to remain fit and active

  1. Moderate Walking - Choose a speed which is comfortable and ensure 40 minutes of walk every second day .Fresh air / Treadmill whatever is accessible will be extremely beneficial .You can soak out all the stress using aromatherapy products .If going outside does not appeal to you , you can turn to our handy dandy "youtube".I have used youtubedownloader to download videos to repeat use.Here is a video where you can walk the pounds away at home.You can also divide the segments into 1 mile increments.

    2. Light to Moderate weights for Sculpting Arms / Shoulders- By focusing more on sculpting
       arms and shoulders in combination with light cardio and walking you can reap maximum 
       benefits.This will not put pressure on your Abs alone and will be much easier to do .You can also
       do arms with  weights lying down to define your biceps .Again, youtube is a treasure trove of
       videos .Here is one  I like

    3. Do a Dance Workout - I don't know of anyone who doesn't enjoy dancing.Dancing just puts 
        you in a better mood and makes everyday feel like a party.There is just so much satisfaction in 
       dancing.Just grab a friend or two or even one and lets Cha cha. Zumba is also particularly fun 
       during periods and you can dial up or down the intensity .If nothing more at-least you'll be up and 
       about rather than in the dumps  .Who can be grumpy during a booty shake ? You can
       try a variety of dance videos including 

And after all this when you are sweaty and soaked you can reward yourself with goodies from your own stash of edible goodies  provided by freedommantra .You can also dip into your freedommantra box and  luxuriate in aromatherapy products.Chocolates , fine fragrances and periods go together like nothing else in life

This is a guest post for freedommantra .I have received no consideration for this post .Freedommantra is India's first monthly period subscription box.Cant wait for it ? Then subscribe and request an invite at